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I Only Gave Her Love And She Reciprocated With The Word I Hate

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*For representational purpose only.

Walking through the meadows, I wondered where my life was leading to?

I had nothing in my hand. But just my cell, vibrating. I *was* the meritorious student and always secured first position, but now life had screwed me up.


Love can lead to beautiful phases. Well, this is what the storybooks describe but what about the harsh reality? Love will lead to nothing but a broken heart and destroyed soul.

I fell in love with a girl merely my age. Ever so beautiful, ever so pretty. She used to look at me and smile. Well, maybe that's when the spark ignited between us. I approached her soon and she said yes making me feel as if I was in heaven and what not.

I never knew life will take me to experience its harshest roads. She left me. Yes she did even after sharing infinite beautiful memories. She was double-dating. The word I hate.

She must be married now or triple-dating. I don't care. She broke my soul with that innocent smile and led to nothing but destruction.

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