She Didn't Give Our Love A Second Chance But My Heart Still Yearns For Her

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I was in the final year of college in Mangalore when we met. She was my junior who was going through a tough phase in college.

I never believed in love nor did I try getting close to anyone until I met her.

I saw her at her worst and decided to stand by her. The other students said bad things about her but I didn't care, I believed her. I supported her and helped her during her difficult times. It brought us closer and we fell for each other.

It took me just a few days to realize that we were meant for each other.

I was head over heels in love with her. I couldn’t think of a life without her.

We spent each day together. We stayed together for a month during our internship. With each passing day, I was getting increasingly serious about her.

I wanted her to be happy and I did everything to prove it.

Her friends were also jealous of the way I took care of her. They’d openly compliment me and tell her that they wanted a boyfriend like me.

She always said that she was the luckiest girl and I felt proud that she was happy with me.

After I completed college, I continued to frequently visit her in Mangalore. When I got a job, I kept in touch through regular calls and messages. However, things changed; she changed.

She started making excuses and avoided talking to me. I gave her all the space she wanted but she was going away from me. I understood that she wanted to enjoy her college life.

I supported her in everything she did, even the things that I wasn’t comfortable with but she took me for granted.

Unfortunately, one day, I lost my cool and shouted at her. I decided to break up because I didn’t want to be the fool running behind her.

Initially, she begged me to get back. We had several conversations where she defended herself and gave reasons to justify her behavior. She was extremely upset.

I knew that my decision had hurt her.

For two weeks, she tried her best to change my mind. Ultimately, she gave up. She said that she couldn’t try any further.

She wanted to be happy and enjoy her college life, which she was unable to do because of me.

I realized my mistake. I knew that I should have given her another chance. She had promised that she would change and I should have believed her. I called her several times and apologized for everything I'd done.

Whether or not it was my mistake, I was ready to change.

I promised to give her more freedom. I tried convincing her in every way even though she was the one who had s*****d up in the beginning. I was ready to forget and forgive. I was ready to start afresh and give it my best.

It was my turn to beg and I did, for three months.

She saw me suffering. She knew that I was losing it. She ignored it all and said that she was happy in her life. She was busy having fun and enjoying with her friends.

She stopped thinking about me, in fact, she seemed to have forgotten me completely.

I traveled an entire night in the train with her when she was going back to Mangalore from my state. I requested her to forgive me but she refused to budge.

It was our first fight yet she didn’t give me one last chance.

Sometimes, I wonder if she was really hurt or did she use it as an excuse to get rid of me. She knows that she cannot find any other guy who will love her as I did.

Why can’t she see how much this has affected my life and my dreams?

Every relationship has problems, probably worse than this, yet she didn't give our love another chance. I wonder why my heart still yearns for her; I guess this is what true love is. I know that I can never get over her. I cannot even think about spending my life with any other girl.

I will wait for her to come back, no matter how long it takes.

UK, if you are reading this, please know that I am waiting for you. I sincerely hope that you didn't do this on purpose because you don't know how much this has affected me.

I wish you realized how much I loved you.

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