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I Was Miserable When I First Got Pregnant Until This Feeling Happened

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"Let's have a baby."

What? Are you serious? So, no more late nights and partying and spontaneous vacations or even a peaceful night's sleep. Well it's not an easy job to get pregnant, I wonder how they coped in the earlier times and bore a handful.

We got our news on "Valentine's day". We were both nervous, smiley and confused but happy. Everyone around me was ecstatic. I was delighted that I didn't feel sloppy and tired like other pregnant women feel from the very beginning.

Wait, so did I say I was energetic? A week went by and suddenly I welcomed with open arms the bouts of nausea accompanied with vomiting. They say it's a sign of a 'healthy pregnancy'. From there on there was no looking back, I wondered why is it called 'morning sickness' when one goes through it the entire day and night (for a few).

Days, weeks, months started passing as slow as a rock would move in a zillion years, no more outside food, roaming around and driving. All stopped at once. Relax, this happens to 1 in 50 women. I was the chosen one! 

Increasing hormones, progesterone levels and doctor visits were the only happening things going on in my life. Read something nice, watch something positive, be happy and cheerful, I was told by my elders, and I would think to myself, "What has happened to the world, can't you see it's not me, it's the changes happening inside that make me so moody and irritable."

Everyone including me was hoping for the months to pass quickly as they say, "You start feeling better in about 14-15 weeks." Today suddenly after so many days, I felt fine and was feeling much happier. And then, there came the unexpected trauma in our lives — the first earthquake.

Did we know it would devastate our lives to such an extent that people would be homeless within minutes. I did swing along the first quake followed by the numerous tremors. Something inside me felt moving and shaking vigorously. I didn't know whether it was the jitters or the nervousness I was getting all the time. Yet we were coping with our lives thinking that things would come back in place and tadaaaa another one and yes a big one!

And there I was sent out of our country for sometime so that the level of stress would reduce a bit. In the beginning, I was skeptical of going but yes it did help and I did start getting better in days to come.

But coming to think of my earlier days made me wonder how cranky I had been and thank god, it all passed. I feel lucky that I have such a doting husband and a loving family who only thought about me and in such a situation, I was sent out of the country. Especially thinking about other women who suffered and were stuck in an earthquake stricken area while they were pregnant.

A flicker of the moment and there I was getting only positive thoughts, I started loving myself and people around me, maybe the worst situation that we saw around us brought me back to my senses.

Today I feel much better and way too energetic and I feel like running around and completing all the tasks I left untouched when I was cranky all day.

My energy seems to have no bounds now but wait, I've been asked to slow down as the last bit of this beautiful journey is yet to arrive.

This post was submitted by Anchita.

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