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I was 11 years old and my cousin was living with us as he was in class 8th and was going to tuition that was near my house One day when I was sleeping in my room he came into my room lied down on my bed beside me and started touching me Suddenly I felt his hand on my stomach and then on my breasts he was squeezing them after sometime I felt his hand on my vagina I was so nervous that I couldn't say anything to him but as he saw my dad coming to my room to give me water he quickly ran to his room . But it was not for the last time whenever he would come to my house he would repeat that to me even if I was awake . It continued for one year. But then when I was twelve he again started touching me and this time he was going too fast and harsh on my body that I was so scared but then I remembered that I am a national material art player then I was harsh and he was nervous I kicked his peni so hard that he was not able to breathe then I standed up and beat him really badly not realising that everyone was downstairs and he was screaming. Everyone comed to my room and found him all with blood His mother was so worried about him and was looking at me so angrily but not as I was looking at her my eyes were red with anger. My mom asked me what happened and why is he all in blood. I told her all about what happened and his mom was so ashamed that she could not even say a word. As it was 12 O clock my parents told them to leave the house as soon as the sun rises they were so ashamed that they could not sleep that night. As they are our first family members they still come to our house but I don't even look at them. The first day he comed to my house after that incident he told me hi are you fine I told him that I don't talk to dogs and after that he never talks to me. From that day everyone in my family respect me and my mom is so proud of me that I was brave enough to beat him

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