A Man With A Woman's Heart

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I began dancing in school and used to participate in school events. We had a dance teacher who used to assist us, and my primary teacher was a classical dance expert who used to teach us. That sparked my interest in semi-classical dance forms like Kathak and Mudras, and I now use dance to express myself.

For a few years, I learned quite a few things from that teacher, and I taught myself the remaining things using various methods, such as seeing and watching. I've dealt with various forms of abuse; initially, I had to deal with verbal abuse—people called me derogatory terms like "chakka," "hijra," and similar terms because of my soft feminine side—and then, when I was in 11th grade, it escalated into vicious sexual and physical abuse for the dreadful 15 days of November.

However, I believe that every moment leads to something, and today I am more empowered and self-awakened.
Because of my enthusiasm for teaching, I was able to overcome all of these challenges. I was a science student in 11th and 12th grade, and I had intended to pursue MBBS to become a doctor. However, at that particular moment, I became interested in teaching because my teachers had also assisted me in coping with the torturous phase.

Since then, teaching has aided me like love because it has connected me with young minds and innocent souls, allowing me to encounter many things to teach and learn from. Aside from that, I've benefited from my teachers' support.

I wouldn't define what I'm going through as hatred but rather as ignorance.
People are utterly ignorant of their actions. They have no idea how to treat others. Why can't they treat humans like humans if they don't realise that discriminating against people based on their sexuality is wrong?
The greatest virtue is to treat a human as a human.
That's why, rather than dealing with their hatred, I'd say I dealt with their ignorance by ignoring them. There were always many things I didn't ignore; that was the period where I was overthinking a lot, which was negatively affecting my body and mind; I had depression, anxiety, stress, and palpitation problems.

So I started disregarding these things and accepting myself, imperfections and all. As a result, I improved; I began to love myself as a result, and as a result, I improved.

I express myself with poetry, mandalas, music, and dance, and I enjoy conversing with someone who understands me, whether it's a stranger, a friend, a teacher, or even a tiny toddler. I'm a "chai pe charcha" type of person.
I am currently employed as an English teacher at a school, but I hope to become an English professor and teach at a university in the future. And as I previously expressed, I have awoken from a profound sleep of ignorance, but I am now focusing more on myself.

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