After All Love Is About Two Souls

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*For representational purpose only.

My girlfriend betrayed me, which terminated our relationship on a negative note.
The shock engulfed me since I had fully trusted her. I couldn't accept the terrible reality. This ended up giving me anxiety attacks, and I went into depression.

We were in the second phase of COVID-19 at the time, and it was the most challenging phase of my life since I couldn't recover from the tragedy that had broken me. To get out of this, I tried many things, one of which turned out to be fruitful for me.

I installed an app where I found a lot of strangers to connect with, so I started a random conversation with a girl over the app.
Being broken, I shared all my pain and sorrow with her. That relieved me to some extent.

She used to listen to all my pain for 8–9 hours a day and try to comfort me over the phone. Listening to someone else's agony for so long is not a simple chore, but kudos to her for doing it every day without becoming furious. This gradually strengthened our bond.

She extended an invitation for me to stay at her home with her.
I went to her house, and we started living together. My job was also in Pune. My new path officially began at that point.

She had feelings for me since the beginning, which is why she bore all my tantrums. We used to travel together. She made every effort to make me feel comfortable and happy. Due to her delightful behaviour towards me, I started to love her and, finally, we made our relationship official by confessing our feelings to each other.

Our relationship is currently on a positive trajectory (fortunately). Her elder sister welcomed me warmly. My family knows about my sexuality, and I will also disclose my relationship to them soon. We aim to marry this year with our families' blessings.

After all, love is about two thirsty souls rather than two distinct genders.

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