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Dear First Love: Thank You And Have A Great Life

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Love comes when you are least expecting it, and yes You came into my life when I had already decided to concentrate on my studies and career, as it was an important juncture of my life.

You were just like me. Too ambitious, career-oriented, which I liked the most about you. The feeling for you was not something that gradually developed over frequent conversations I had with you, neither was it love at first sight.

The first time my close friend introduced me to you was the first time I ever felt that you will be someone special for me. After one year, when we were in 12th grade, as we started dating, I never knew I would end up loving someone so deeply that it would leave a scar in my soul. You loved me like no other guy has loved me. You considered me as one of the most important women in your life with whom you dreamt of a future that we together wanted.

We were polar opposites but I always believed opposites attract and that is what completes us. I was proud of the fact that I could give you the love you have never received before. How much we feared losing each other? And in that vicious fear why did we end up losing each other? I don't know whether you did not need support to fight your fears or you felt that I was incapable of supporting you. But my love, I would have always stood by your side forever, fighting against your fears and problems, because we dreamed of a future together and it was my duty to make it happen together. But you decided to fight it alone, without me. You left me for a future that does not include me. How can I blame you now? 

No I can't and I won't. Now after two years that you have gone far, I am not writing this to complain and blame you for dropping my hand which you always loved to hold. This is to remind you that you were my first love and will remain so. I know in the run towards fighting your weakness and achieving your dreams you have lost the love you had for me and probably forgotten me. 

But for me, only the dreams I had with you mattered more than anything in this world which makes harder for me to forget and move on. I just have one more thing to say, no matter what happened, whatever you had to do to me because of your situation, I WILL STILL LOVE YOU because you are not wrong and neither am I.

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