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I Wasted A Year Of My Career Working In An MNC That Promoted ‘Flattery’ Instead Of Hard Work

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Hello all, I'm not writing this post to gain some sympathy but want some suggestions as to where I should head now.

A few years back, I came down to Bangalore from my native place, in search of a job. Within the next three months of search, I got a job offer at an MNC. I was feeling at cloud nine, though it was a contractual job. Initially, I was a bit scared about the new office environment and culture. But after I joined, I felt that I had the best team and there was no sign of office politics. Little did I know that there was something being cooked behind my back.

Most of the time, my reviews were negative and I was constantly told that I need to improve.

I always gave my best yet I had to listen to the crap from someone else. I found that the ones who joined after me were well-versed in flattering people and gossip and thus, they got more weightage. I was a quiet and an introvert girl, so I hardly raised any matter related to it. Soon some juniors got promoted, I didn't argue over it. Later on, everyone started to take me for granted. I used to be a backup for every other person. But for some time, I got some good friends on the team, who tried to cheer me up and guide me.

When they moved out, I again felt lonely, and things were going as usual.

I was longing for leave but first I have to confirm that no other person is taking leave at that time, which was a hilarious thing, as my team was a big one. Soon, I was suffering from some health issues which erupted because of work-life imbalance, and I took leave for a few weeks. I joined back and was working as usual. After a few months, some members moved out of the team, and there were some new recruits on the team. Again, entire pressure came on me to work on end-to-end of the process. I wasn't allowed any personal leave and had to work in extreme shifts. Even after that, I was always told that I wasn't working properly.

I was out of my mind and decided to quit the company.

Post that, I started searching job but was shocked to know that the profile on which I had been working for so long, hardly has any market value. Most of the companies don't recognize that to be proper work for which one should be paid. I have already lost a year on it. Now I'm in a dilemma as what I shall be doing next. Any suggestions, please?

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