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The Minute I Saw Her, I Knew That She Was My Forever

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A soulmate need not necessarily be your life partner. Soulmates can be just anyone.  I am a brown skinned Indian girl of medium height. I have an hourglass figure and have medium length black hair. Most of my friends are boys. I just about managed to make 2 girlfriends recently.

I believed that I would never have a BESTIE who belonged to my gender until I met her one fine day.

It was a beautiful pleasant morning. I was formally dressed and was feeling excited because it was my first day at college. I was quite anxious because it was a completely new city. Students from almost every Indian state had joined this college. My roommates and I walked in search of our respective classrooms amidst the bustling crowd within the campus.

It looked as if a galaxy full of young dreamers had come from the Milky Way!

Finally, after about half an hour's effort, we figured out where our classrooms were. I stepped into the classroom with a sigh of relief. I looked around at the people seated inside. No one paid any attention to me when I entered the class because everyone was busy introducing themselves to one another and were eager to make new friends.

Amongst all these people, one person sitting in the third row on the girls’ side caught my attention.

For some reason, I felt I already knew her for ages. I felt as if I was going to spend an eternity with her. She did not look like an angel. She was just an ordinary girl who radiated a strong positive aura.

She was wheat skinned and lissom. She wore a pair of geeky glasses. She looked at me with a warm smile and then introduced herself to the girls beside her. I don’t know why I had this strange and pleasant feeling at that time. I had never experienced anything like it before. After a while, I went on to find a seat for myself and managed to find one that was just behind hers.

The day ended well and everyone knew the others in the class quite well now. It was a warm pleasant day and we all had fun together as a class. A few days later, I knew her well as my classmate. I was also her selfie partner during the breaks. One day we got to spend about an hour together after college hours. That was when I actually confessed to her about this strange feeling that I had for her. I told her that somehow I always felt I knew her already.

She smiled gracefully but did not utter a single word.

After a few minutes, we resumed our discussion and talked about our likes and dislikes, our passions and things like that. We were sitting by the window in our classroom. We watched the rain and enjoyed each other’s company. Later that day, we went out for a stroll within the campus in our partially drenched state. We were talking and laughing all the while. We then started clicking pictures because we knew we were budding photographers.

Three years passed by quickly and beautifully. We were in the final year of our college. I had decided to leave the hostel and move into a flat with my other friends in college. In the meantime, she had moved in alone into a flat because she had faced quite a few terrible issues with her previous flatmates. One fine day, she came up to me while we were in the college and asked me if she could stay with me for a couple of days because her flat was under repair.

I told her that I would be more than happy to have her stay over at my place and that she was welcome to do so at any time. She left the college with me later that day and we went to our flat. I introduced her to my flatmates and all of us had fun till late in the night.

She and I were almost always on the same wavelength. We felt really comfortable sharing our worst secrets because we knew we would not be judged by each other at all.

A few days later, I went over to stay at her place to spend some time with her. We soon got into the habit of staying over at each other’s places. We made a lot of friends in both the places. We started hanging out together like REAL SISTERS.

So much so that people said that they could easily spot me when she was around and vice-versa.

We spent the best days of our lives together. And somehow with great difficulty, we also managed to graduate out of our college.

We had to go our separate ways to face the world. We had to fight our own battles now. A year later, we decided to work together for the same organization in an entirely different city. We stayed together in a hostel. We rearranged our wardrobes and cots so that we could sleep beside each other.

She woke me up with tea every morning because she knew that I was a big-time tea addict. We would then get ready and walk to our office.

Every evening, on our way back, we would stop by a roadside shop especially for her. She would then enjoy her badam kulfi and her all-time favourite pani-puri. I hated pani-puri but unfailingly accompanied her there every day just because she loved them a lot.

She would then put one pani-puri in my mouth. I cherish this gesture of hers the most even today. Sometimes we would spend our nights on the terrace as we gazed at the stars. We would discuss the beauty and the essence of our lives and souls.

I was so used to waking up next to her in the last couple of years. Now that I am back in my hometown, I go to bed every night with the hope that I will wake up next to her in the morning. I don’t want to miss her anymore!

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