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There Is No Way That We Can Be Apart When God Himself Witnessed Our Love

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Dearest Sweetheart,

I do not believe in our failure. We cannot fail yet again. I am depressed with repeated blows in my life. It's always one thing or the other, but all of this would be insignificant if you are with me.

I lied to you that I have marriage plans. I'm sorry but I did not know how to get you to talk your heart out. Don't punish me for this. I know it hurt you.

The day you asked me if we could marry... I thought we had won. But in no time, I lost again. I called you in the hope that you will say that I'm the one, but you refused to acknowledge it. I was shattered. The anger in me made me keep away from you.

BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? We cannot be away from each other. The day we met in the temple, I had married you in HIS presence. If not you, the GOD standing there knows the fact: I'm yours and you are mine.

If my heart is true and soulmates exist, may God give you strength to understand my feelings. Please don't let this relationship break, hold on tight and let us meet once forever. Let's show this world what true love means.

I'm not worried if you are not working or if you don't stay in a great bungalow. Even if you lose all the riches, I'm with you. We will make a small family (although, I really want a big family!) and make each day memorable.

My dear husband, please let go of your anger. I misbehave with you because I love you. In fact, I behave the way I do because I'm terrified of losing you.

In another month, you will be performing your father's final ceremonies and I want to be there next to you, doing my duty. I'm sorry, I know it's not my job to tell you what is right or wrong. But it's my right to remind you this fact you fail to realise. If you hold my hand, the old me will be back in no time, like a woman who is rid of a wicked curse.

You pushed me away from you, I'm waiting for you to hug me tight in your arms, every day and every night. I want to be with you, to share your problems, to solve them in no time, and need your ears to hear me alllll night.

I am depressed, yes. My mood swings happen because I'm afraid of things I cannot explain. But the only reason why I'm alive is for you. I haven't been myself since the day we separated.

Give me back the person I used to be. Let's not be apart.

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