What Friendship Really Means To Me: Them

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*For representational purpose only.

People think we’re weird. Oh well!

I am in love with these 5 Pandavas. I am lucky to have them in my life. This year we completed our tenth year of FRIENDSHIP and stepped into the eleventh year.

And I can't believe I survived these many years with them.

We are Mini Maharashtra because we belong to different religions. So, yes, we get to celebrate every festival together, and it is fun in itself.

We even celebrate Raksha Bandhan and tie rakhis because we have promised to be there for each other through good and bad, sickness and health.

We sure have misunderstandings at times, but we make sure we don't break the friendship, and that is for all of us.

We become ‘love gurus’ at times to give each other relationship advice. ‘Lekin pata hai no one can jhelofy us, isliye humlog single hi marenge!’

But we still love planning for the future and deciding to be a bridesmaid for each other's wedding. Like I began saying, we are weird.

Our meetings are very unique as we come up with ideas that no one can think of. Once we planned to wear sarees just to meet at my friend's place and have lunch and also made the lunch on our own. We are inseparable, and our families are very well aware of it. We have our annual Christmas lunch together. It has been a tradition for years.

In case we are meeting for a day out, we even plan our outfits, and night outs are very important to us.

Each person holds a unique quality. Here’s presenting my quirky Gang:

Jennifer- Our support system. Iske bina hum adhure hain baba!

Piu- Gyaan ki dukaan. Also, ask her how to slay all the time!

Prachi- The soberest one. Hahaha, the cutest girl with dimples.

Dilsha- Humari musician!

Vibhuti- Trek ki aulad. Isse koi seekhe dar ke aage jeet hai!

Veronica (that's me)- Humari singer who sings only one tune: 'Chalo naa'.

I swear I cannot think of my life without them. They have been my strongest pillars. They have loved me when I couldn't love myself. They are more important to me than I can ever describe in words.

We are again waiting for things to fall into place and have a group meets soon. Can’t wait to see them all after months.

I love you guys.

My friends are like a Fairy tale,

They have been there since ‘Once upon a time and will be there Forever’!

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