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She Told Me She Was A Divorcee When The Truth Was Something Else: Now I'm Lost

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*For representational purpose only.

One fine morning I was waiting for my train to Hyderabad and I had no idea what was about to hit my life. I didn’t have a confirmed seat so I had to accommodate with a stranger.

Half way through the journey, I saw this really beautiful girl struggling to get down for the upper bunker. I was mesmerized. When she finally came down, I thought of striking a conversation. 

After an exchange of names, she told me she works for an MNC in Hyderabad and was returning from a vacation. We had a long conversation about various things and for some strange reason, both of us exchanged numbers. 

At night, I was struggling to sleep when I saw her. She waved at me and we both started chatting again. The conversation went on till sunrise. By noon, we had reached Secunderabad where I had to get off. I promised to call her soon.

I called her after a few days and we started talking again. It was amazing. After a while, I told her I loved her. She said she did as well and we started dating.

We had an amazing time together. I used to pick her up from office. We started hanging out in each others friend circles and never cared about the future. We both knew we were perfect for each other.

When we started talking about marriage she told me she was a divorcee. She said she will get married to me but not tell her parents as they wouldn’t agree. I told her that’s okay and we got married. After a few months when she conceived, we decided to tell her parents.

However, while all this was going on, she got a call from her hometown Kolkata that said that her dad was very sick. She had to leave immediately. We stayed connected for a few months after which she stopped replying. I was shattered.

When I kept calling her for weeks, she finally responded saying she had a miscarriage. I caught the first flight to Kolkata and the second I saw her, I just knew I had lost her. I couldn’t see it in her eyes anymore.

She told me we couldn’t be together because I was a Muslim and she, a Hindu. It was only later that I found out that she had actually aborted our child and was married to the guy she said she had divorced. They had a three year old child together. 


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