inter-racial marriage Indian pakistani love is eternal

We Love Each Other But The Countries We Belong To May Never Let Us Be Together.

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First of all a brief introduction of me. I am (name not to be disclosed) from INDIA.

Now why did I highlight my country so much? This is because some part of my life becomes difficult due to this.

About a year ago, I met a boy online. He is a Pakistani. We talked, exchanged thoughts and numbers as well. We fell in love.

Now others might think love virtually is never possible but trust me, if you are destined to fall in love you will fall and the feelings are exactly same. Our love was pure, both sides. But each day the bond becomes strong, my life becomes difficult.

Being an Indian Hindu girl it becomes impossible to bond with a boy across the border. Not very sure how he really feels about our relationship but according to me, yes love does happen in different cultures, love exists too where war exists.

I am fond of him, his culture, his country too and same way I respect my place too. Love just happens irrespective of what both are.

We are still together overcoming all the mismatches and arguments of a long distance relationship. I hope things get better with time. If not I pray he should be happy forever.

A thought comes sometimes that things could have been better if he wouldn't be from that country or I wouldn't be from this country.

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