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From A Fairy-tale Beginning, To A Heart-wrenching Betrayal…

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Life is a wild adventure, and sometimes, it throws us curveballs we never saw coming. This is the story of my high school classmate, where the first chapter unfolded back in school, and it changed both our lives in ways we never imagined.
After high school, we went our separate ways, chasing our dreams and building our careers. Time flew by, and we graduated, only to meet again by chance. What followed was the rapid blossoming of an unexpected friendship. 
We became super close, sharing our dreams and stories. Then, out of the blue, he proposed to me, and it felt like a fairy tale come true. Love entered our lives, and I was on cloud nine, finally finding my soulmate.
Our engagement was a whirlwind of joy, and everything seemed perfect, just like in a fairy tale. Families celebrated our love, and our wedding date was set. But, just a month before the big day, things started to get weird. He was acting all strange, and my optimistic self-thought it was just stress from work and responsibilities.
Our wedding went ahead as planned, but something was off. Love and care, once overflowing, had turned into a trickle. Then, the shocking truth came out – he was having an affair with a colleague, but the other girl had no intention of marrying him. 
It was a painful betrayal, and I chose to forgive and support him in my open-minded way, hoping things would get better.
But the cycle of affairs continued. Every few months, I discovered a new one. I tried to be forgiving and help him get back on track. After 13 years of marriage, he had ten affairs, and the situation was tearing us apart.
Now, he's with someone else, and he's treating me poorly. He's taken away my confidence, happiness, and smile. The man I once loved now despises me, thinking I'm the worst person on Earth. I'm stuck in a never-ending nightmare, unable to escape. 
Sometimes, I even think about ending it all. I don't understand why life is so unfair. I gave my all to this relationship, and I'm left with a broken heart.
I have friends and family who love and support me, but he used to be my world. I'm left wondering if karma has a hand in this messy love story. 
How can I move on and rebuild my life without the man who was once my everything?

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