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He Used Me To Get Her In His Arms And I Am Thankful

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True love exists.The right person will surely come to your life. You just be true to yourself and never be bothered about what other people say in this world. Be strong enough to forget your past and to move on. One must always be brave enough to stand with the truth.

I wanted to share my life story that why I strongly believe in this concept of true love in the world of lust. It all started from giving my I.C.S.E exam. I was a very average student in class.

After the results, my friends shifted to some other schools. Like others, even I was heart broken that my good friends will no longer be with me. Life is a long journey I realized, that people will leave you one day, but good memories always stay.

In order to keep contact with my friends I started using Fb. I was happy to keep in touch with them. But one day, I got a friend request from stranger. I usually don't accept strangers. But this time, I don't know why, I accepted his friend request and I still regret my decision thinking about it.

That time I was quiet young and new in using Fb. No mobile phone I had. So this guy- A ( the one whose friend request I accepted) started texting me. I also, in order to know him texted him. We talked for a while, then we realised we belong from same Parish ( I'm a Christian and so was he).

We used to go to the same church for Sunday mass. But before that, I never knew anything about him. Via Facebook we came to know each other. I was happy,  I thought I got a new friend. We even saw each other at church but personally he never came up alone to talk with me.

Things were going well and normal, we only use to talk on Fb. But one fine day, he proposed to me. I was very happy because it was the first time in my life that someone whom I had known had proposed to me. He really made me special always by sending me beautiful messages on love, commitment and what not. I really thought this guy is serious about me, so I should accept his proposal.

I was a very happy go lucky girl. I always tried to give him time as well, also to concentrate on my own studies. My friends in school came to know about my relationship and they started talking to each other regarding me. But I really didn't care. If two people want to be together who will stop us from loving each other?

But one fine day, I came to know that one of my juniors in school was a childhood friend of his. I took the matter lightly. Often the junior used to make me feel jealous as she was his neighbour. I took everything lightly as I believed that our love was strong and so nothing can stop us from loving each other.

On the day of his birthday, I decided to surprise him. But instead he gave me a surprise. On the day of his birthday he uploaded a pic with my junior, the childhood friend. I was greatly shocked. I was disheartened. I was crying. They even changed their relationship status. They were in a relationship with each other?

My heart was so broken. I even called him via land-line(because I did not have a mobile phone of my own). I was literally crying and asking him- why you did like this with me? You could have waited for me, I would have really proved to you how much I loved you.

He just said sorry, we can be just friends only. Please don't cry. I was angry. But still, I trusted him that he is ready to keep me as his friend. But no, the very next day he just blocked me. I was completely devastated, hopeless and was in depression for three months. I realised he used me to get that childhood friend in his arms.

But, I accepted the reality. I started focussing in studies and after giving my last ISC exam in school I passed with good marks and got admitted in a nice college. Different proposals were coming to me. But I was scared in love.

Then, I met someone from a different college. His religion is also different and he changed my life forever. He is someone I have longed for. He really takes care of me and I love him a lot. Although, he is from a different religion, I love him dearly.

He too had a bad past. But after meeting me.. even his life has changed in a good way. Together, we are still happy. He is my hero. My life and my love and that's why I tell you don't lose hope. Have patience you will surely get someone in life who can make your life like heaven.

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