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He Wants To Be With Me After Marrying Someone Else, But Won't Marry Me.

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Crying and writing.

I was married but my relationship was not good at all, I faced so much of torture still I was with him hoping everything will be fine but nothing changed. 

I always feel bad why this happened to me but destiny might have other plans.

Suddenly, one of my good friends contacted me and started talking to me and he proposed to me. I told him everything about my marriage and all, still he told that I love you and that’s what matters to me. It’s on 2016 August 23rd when he proposed to me and I said yes. I don’t know why, but I said yes. Trust me I loved him like anything. 

Many friends said that guy is not good, he flirts but I didn’t listen to anyone and continued with him and in June 2017 I planned to visit India as he was in India and I was in USA. 

As per plan I came and we went to Goa. There I found this guy is talking to another girl, I asked him why? I came from such a far place, why are you cheating on me. I made him realize what he was doing was not right. He felt very guilty and called that girl and said sorry and he stopped talking her. 

He did not have a single investment. I helped him to do all investments so that he could save money.

He kept on searching for girls for marriage. Finally, came the time when I decided to move to India. When I came to India, I met him and conceived.

Trust me guys this was the worst phase of my life. He denied saying I can’t accept the child. They were twins. It was very difficult for me to lose 2 children at a time. I was devastated, I was broken and went to depression. My health was not good at that time as my babies were in Fallopian tube. I kept making round of hospitals with no support. Being in the same city, he accompanied me twice to the hospital rest all the things were handled by me alone. (Huge medical expenses)

Later he realized his mistake and he supported me and told me he will marry me. He said he will be with me all the time and we will have a baby again. It boosted me. I got confident. Slowly I started searching for a job and I got it in a very good company. 

Everything was so perfect. I was recovering slowly, doctor asked me to remove Fallopian tube. We thought of removing that, but lockdown started. 

Still I get severe stomach pain with huge bleeding. On December 20, 2020 suddenly he told me we will breakup as he can’t say these things to my family. I will marry a girl who will be decided by my parents. 

Trust me that day I was broken, shattered. For this guy I did lots of things making him a good guy, investment, healthy life style many more. Today he left me. 

I left everything for him- my career, my marriage, many more but he can’t tell his parents about me. 

Again I am in depression. Sometimes I think of going to his parents and tell them everything but don’t know what to do. He still calls me and says I love you but we can’t be together. After marriage also I will be with you. 

I keep crying day and night, again I hit depression. I don’t know what my life has but what has happened with me is not fair. One request to every guy and girl out there if you can’t accept anyone then don’t be in a relationship because it hurts if the opposite person loves you unconditionally. 

5 years relationship he broke in a second.

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