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I Watch The Guy I Love Having An Affair With A Married Woman Every Day And It's Killing Me

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Every single day, I have to watch the guy I like, having an affair with a married woman. This is my plight.

The story began in the beginning of 2017, I clearly remember it was the first Friday of January. At around 3 P.M., Jee broke my heart in the office, over Skype.

Jee and I never spoke in Hindi with each other. A minute after our conversation ended, I received a messaged on Skype saying 'chal bahar baithte hain'. Two minutes later, the message was removed. 5 minutes later, Jee and an HR woman (a complete non-entity until then) headed towards the terrace. The message was received!

They skipped work and were in a conversation for rest of the day. I was mildly peeved but continued to focus on my already broken heart, instead of giving them any thought.

I prepared myself for a weekend of sulking, binge eating ice cream and wallowing in self-pity. I had been through such experience earlier as well, it wasn't a new feeling and I knew how to overcome it. Ice Cream!

That evening, I overheard the 'beer group' from the office that they were planning to go out. I wasn't told about this as I was expected not to be, considering it usual that the guys would have their days out with beer.

It was past 8 P.M. and the HR woman (who normally would not stay a minute after 5 P.M.) was still in office. I asked her casually, how come she was still around, and she said: “We're all going out.”

She politely asked me to accompany them, and I with some effort at holding back tears shook my head and ran back to my meeting. Later that night I called up Jee and held him accountable for his dialogues from earlier episodes, about how things would be normal in the group and we would be friends.

He blatantly denied having excluded me from the plans and continued with promises to keep things normal henceforth. I can't believe how idiotic I was, to trust him on that note.

That was followed by another incident, next week. The entire week went by with Jee and the HR woman (Bee) skiving off work for day long heart-to-hearts on the office terrace or in unoccupied meeting rooms.

Important to mention here, Bee is married and we had all met her husband earlier at the office Christmas party. This made me believe (or rather hope) that the conversations were friendly rather than romantic. I'm an idiot to not have caught on earlier. I did suspect but was definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt.

The week after those things were worse. Bee started commuting with Jee, staying back late every day. They'd canoodle on the terrace, text each other 24*7 while being in the same room and gave each other a look on a regular basis. It was pretty clear to everyone in the office and I discussed the same, with a few of my friends and got a confirmation that I wasn't imagining things.

I was growing more upset by the day, being forced to watch Jee and this bee every single work day. I finally called him up and told him I knew what was going on and told him to knock it off. He blatantly denied and the things remained the same.

A couple of months went by, in the same way.

The affair was getting steamier and I was getting more upset and amidst all this, sprinkled with a couple of phone calls made by me to Jee. In every call, he blatantly denied having an affair and tried to sweet talk me into how she was merely upset and he was helping her overcome the phase.

My opinion did sway, I genuinely felt sorry for both of them, even for the fact that I spoke about them to a few people and we judged her harshly.

Things now appeared natural, until one day when we all met at a colleague's birthday party. People who spend hours talking to each other in the office didn't say a word to one another that night in the presence of Bee's (possibly) unsuspecting husband. They behaved like total strangers.

That night I called up Jee and told him, that he was totally been caught cheating. As usual, he denied blatantly, but this time he had no ground to stand on.

Currently, I am looking for a job switch, but until I get one, I have no escape from this horrible situation. Now, knowing the truth, I have to watch this every single day.

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