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I Never Understood Why Some Communities Needed A Girl To Change Her Name After Marriage, Until Now

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This is my first blog where I am writing on something but at 1pm I am not able to think what to write. On which topic I should write. My brain is not at all working.

After marriage, having a child, my life is only involved in cooking, washing dishes, doing household chores, over thinking on small things. Sometimes I get disturbed by that. I get aggressive, get arrogant on small things. My brain has actually stopped working on productive things.

It only thinks about what is to be cooked in breakfast, lunch, dinner. What a shame. I am not saying being a homemaker is a small job, but a girl who was full of dreams, always getting  new ideas, being passionate about learning new things is gone. In fact she is no more.

The girl before marriage and the woman after marriage is totally different. In some castes, the girl has to change her name after marriage. The concept is now clear with me because she herself changes totally. Her mindset, her way of thinking of life is changed.

She some how changes in each and everything about herself but in some years when she looks at herself, she is nowhere.

This is my step, to start a new side for myself. To rebuild myself. I have to help myself. I can't be a LOSER!

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