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I Was Always A Good Student But This Is What The Society Wanted From Me

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I was born and raised in a small village in North Kerala. Coming from a middle-class family, having big dreams was extremely tough, especially for girls in my time. Even though my parents agreed to let me pursue my dreams, I received immense pressure from people around me. Everyone wanted me to get married early.

Despite being good in academics, people wanted to see me in the kitchen doing household chores and taking care of a family and children.

I completed my high school from my hometown in a government school- nearby and affordable. I have always dreamed about being a doctor someday in my life. During my childhood days, I always used to play doctor-doctor with my friends and cousins. Not to mention that I was one of the toppers in my school right from the beginning. After completing my schooling, I talked to my parents that I wanted to become a doctor and convinced them that I would work very hard. I am highly grateful to them for letting me pursue my dreams. They have sacrificed a lot for me. If it were not for their compassion and support, I would have ended up being a housewife doing mundane chores.

Today, I have completed my graduation and, I am an Ayurvedic Doctor working in Dubai.

By God’s grace, I receive good feedback from my patients. I believe that one should never give up on their dream. Chase your dreams till the very end and make them come true.

Also, you do not need expensive schooling or high-paid tuition to become what you want- heartfelt desire and hard work are more than enough.

Nonetheless, I still have a long way to go and, I would keep pursuing my dreams of helping others heal!

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