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It's A Really Difficult Life Right Now, But I Have One Big Thing To Be Grateful For

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I have 21 days.

21 days of isolation, 21 days of lockdown, 21 days of thought...

My first chain of thought is to practice gratitude. This is me. I see that this is who I became, and this is how my life is. Yes, times are tough. But I have so much to be grateful for! I will start with the first two people I have to be grateful to... Amma and Appa.

To my parents, I want to say:

Thank you so much! You two souls have gone above and beyond to be great parents for me and my brother. You looked at your way of life each and every day, only so that you can provide the best for us. Best of the best.

You never once compromised in giving us the best education, clothes, a place to call home, and everything else under the sun. I feel like life is tough right now, but you must have seen so many tough times. Still, you never let us feel the impact. You have toiled hard to provide everything to me since I first cried.

You have lived a life of isolation- You have stayed away from their own necessities and needs so that you do justice for the soul you brought into this world. That's me. The sun, the heat, the rain, the winter, the let downs, the disappointments, the nightmares, the distance- nothing has been a setback for you to fulfil my dreams and goals.

As this deadly virus raises its hood to strike, I am afraid for all the people who are my parents' age. The studies are showing that it is lethal to people above 50 years of age. My father is in Abu Dhabi and my mother prays for him back home. I am sure he will be safe and he will return home healthy. The same way, I urge all the young ones to keep their parents close.

Use this opportunity to give a small bit of your affection and care back to them. I say a small bit because they have cared for us since we were small and did their bit so far. We can't repay it back even if we live out our entire lives (that's the truth for me).

I take this day to thank all the parents who have put the happiness of their offsprings first and theirs down the list of goals they set. I don't feel the need for a Mother's or a Father's day as we should all practise this every single day of our lives. They never expected anything in return but the selfless feeling of me staying happy. This is who they are. I don't know if they decided or knew they have to be this way, but they did end up being this way.

I have replaced the image of God in my heart to see the picture of both of them in me. Thank You.

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