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To The Person Who Wants to Fall In Love With Me: I Want You To Stay As Strong As Me

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*For representational purpose only.
I am a private person. Even when I am with you, I am not completely yours. It takes me forever to open up to people and make myself comfortable. This is what my reality is!

And if you want me, accept my reality first. Try to accompany my truths and acknowledge my flaws. If you can make me a person better than what I was yesterday, you should know that you're the one I want. It doesn't matter whether you want me or not, my attention is all yours. In fact, my desires will flourish with time, taking me deeper till I reach the same level as yours. Your biases towards life and its complexities would just be the hurdles I would want to search my light from.

In no sense would I want you to conclude my theories and in no way I want to equate our results to the same problems. As I feel complete in 'my sense of Life' I want you to be patient about who and what you are in yours.

I don't wish to be the only road you chose right but the only one you managed to survive on. All those bumps and sharp turns are my realities. I want you to fall in love with my skin beneath the one you see.

Those colours your eyes effortlessly keep staring at won't stay for long, you'll need a vision more precise to get soaked in the ones that actually define me. Out of all the colors swapping in your mind, you'll always find me two shades darker and that might make me a person different than the one you frantically kept visualizing.

I want you to stay as strong as me, because I don't want those differences to become difficulties.

My soul belongs to a body whose every fragment reflects the pieces it has been moulded of. To find you similar to the rains, thunderstorms or the stars would be wonderful. To compare you to the moon, galaxies and the night sky would be perfect but my reality demands just a YOU bridging your definition of perfection to mine. Calling you my sunrise would be beautiful but not as beautiful as your reality is to me. I don’t want to compare your beauty to things that are immortal because you are as finite as I am. This is our reality. A reality far greater than many greater infinities.

So if you want me, accept my reality first and I promise you, I will love you like no other!

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