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"Covid Isn’t Just A 14-day-Quarantine Journey"

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It all started for us in April when my grandmum and granddad tested positive because of our security guard. I, too, started experiencing some symptoms soon after and immediately decided to quarantine myself.

The second wave was at its peak in Delhi in April, so it was only after many difficulties that we could get ourselves tested.

To my surprise, my RT-PCR report was negative, which quite likely felt false. I adhered to my doctor’s advice and took all the necessary medicines from the very start.

Meanwhile, my grandmum and granddad were admitted to the hospital since they had trouble breathing and being old - we didn't want to risk it. The entire burden of taking care fell upon my mother’s shoulders, who indeed did a commendable job.

I was under quarantine for 15 days, post which I was perfectly alright. My symptoms included- sore throat, high fever, loss of taste and smell, fatigue, severe body ache, and a drop in BP. My father, too, was experiencing similar symptoms with a slower rate of recovery.

I also want to talk about the mental stress and enigma that this virus puts you into. I took it on myself to elevate my mood; to stay mentally stable and positive.

I used to meditate, channel my energy by journaling, and practice some DIY hacks, which propelled me to decorate my room. I even learned to play the Keyboard in 15 days that was previously lying unattended in our storeroom.

Keeping myself away from negative news and people further added to my mental harmony. Also, a massive shoutout to a friend of mine to have kept me sane throughout this time. Unfortunately, my granddad couldn’t make it. Had the hospital fraternity been kinder and more accommodating, he would have made it too!

Nonetheless, he was an army man and was given a solemnising last ritual by the army battalion in Delhi.

Lastly, I’d like to say that covid isn’t just a 14-day-quarantine journey. It continues much after.

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