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Here's How I Helped My Fiance Deal With Covid In The Second Wave

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The second wave of covid-19 has been excruciating for us. It weakens your body to the maximum and makes you feel helpless at most times.

My Fiancé caught the virus at his workplace. He had all the signs and symptoms of covid. When I heard this, I asked him to take medication and isolate himself. Sadly, he had no one around to help him.

Not many people tell you that it is also one of the loneliest diseases, and quarantine sucks.

As a physician, I told him to take all the necessary precautions and medication. After 14 days of isolation, he tested negative for covid. He then came back to his hometown, but his family did not come to see him. I decided to travel to treat him. I was a patron to all his sufferings. He was too weak to do his day-to-day activities. Also, he used to get breathless very often. I took him under rehab and a healthy diet plan, which he used to hate. Slowly, he overcame this suffering of his. His plight gave me an impetus to help other covid patients too.

So, I started a post-covid rehab program to speed up the process of regaining vitality, improving lung functioning, building strength, gaining endurance, turning on the vestibular system, and boosting immunity post-COVID. The treatment is online and FREE for all covid patients. I make videos on covid care and recovery. I made customized programs that treated more than 100 cases until now, including my relatives. My juniors got the inspiration, and even they are providing free post-covid rehab and diet plans in different states.

My advice for one and all is to make the best of the situation at hand. Try and switch away from your phone and the news. Start to enjoy this time with yourself and treat it as a time to catch up on movies, shows, books, and some me-time.

Eating a balanced diet and practicing breathing exercises help too. Lastly, make sure you give your body the rest and care it needs to heal!

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