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Here's How I Kept My Daughter Busy While I Was In Isolation

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You are wired to worry all the time as a mom. "Is she ok?" "What is going on?" "Let me check in on her."

I had never spent so much time away from my daughter before. I had tested covid positive and had to isolate myself.

My 6-year-old daughter was with my parents, and even though we were under the same roof, I was still worried. But can you imagine how worried the kids can be? So, when a parent tests positive for covid, making them feel good becomes so much harder.

Here are some things I did during the time I was down with Covid and isolated. Some little things to make it slightly easier for my little one.

1. A calendar to keep track: She blacked out the dates she was away from me. It gave her a sense of time and purpose.

2. Morning Music: Every morning, for 14 days, we wished each other good morning through the door of my room. We then sang our morning song, which helped her start the day with something familiar.

3. Fun video calls: I used to video-call her on Instagram. It is way more fun than WhatsApp video calls. The filters cracked us up while we spoke. I usually had some Peppa or Elsa filter, which would make her laugh so hard!

4. Movies to watch: I recommended movies for her to watch. And then we discussed it on-call after she watched them with my mom. The last one she watched was ‘Beethoven’. She loved it.

Music always helps: We played her favorite tracks. Although we could not see each other, we knew that we were grooving to the same songs.

This activity gave us a sense of doing something together. Extra screen time: I had stopped fussing over screen time. It is fixable with time.

So, let your kids do whatever feels comforting for the time being. If you are a parent in isolation or know someone who is, these might help. Kids are pretty resilient. We need to communicate the issues very clearly to them. Re-assure them that you will be out of this soon.

Remember- if you are happy, healthy, and hopeful, your children will be too!

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