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It's Been A Month Since I Tested Covid Positive And I Still Can't Smell

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I woke up on the 1st of May 2021 with a terrible pain in my legs. I was unable to lift my legs or move due to the pain. I knew at that moment that this was a sign of some sort. I then got myself tested without further ado.

It’s strange because my doctor friend also tested positive for covid with me as we both were together for a week.

My symptoms included- terrible body pain and extreme weakness. Every morning the pain moved an inch up. It started from the heels to the legs, then the waist, making its way up.

Apart from this, I had a fever ranging between 101–103-degree Fahrenheit and experienced loss of smell, loss of taste, swelling of face and body. My body secreted no waste for three days straight. My face and body swelled up real bad for the same. I slept all day to heal myself fully.

I made it a point to only speak with a handful of people - people who make me happy, that is, my sister, brother-in-law, my nephew, and my closest friend. It was very tough for me to do everything as I live alone. So, I had to collect myself to do the necessary chores and feed myself. Getting groceries was a trying task for me.

I quarantined for about 26 days because even after the 18th day, my infection was very high, and I still had body pain, chills, and fever.

Though it’s been almost a month now, I still don’t have any sense of smell. I am exhausted most of the time, and I take longer breaths. It has been excruciatingly painful for me, both physically and mentally. The initial days were the worst, and it’s only so much that one can heal from a disease like this.

Lastly, it has been very tough, and I understand that there might be others like me - alone and in too much pain.

Hang in there like I am, and talk to your favorite people in such times because that’s the only thing that will make all the difference!

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