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My Son Is A 'Baby Influencer' Today Thanks To The Lockdown

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I am Vandana Bahl, Vihaan’s mother, and today I am writing to share my son’s journey as a 'Baby Influencer'.

The idea of being a blogger came to me during the lockdown when I had to keep him occupied and entertained.

As he has a fun and charming persona, I felt it was an excellent time to spread love and happiness to the world as people needed something positive to look towards. Besides, I always wished to bring him up as a star, and Instagram was the right platform.

I started with a simple photoshoot and made friends on Instagram. As I learnt more, I continued to spread happiness with his pictures and videos of his day-to-day activities. People responded positively to that, and they kept giving us their love. We enjoy the attention and love we get from our fans. It is overwhelming when people recognize my son in public and recognize me as his mother.

As an influencer, my favourite thing is when I create trendy content and interact with our supporters. We enjoy making videos and taking time for that.

We also know that parenting is challenging, and today’s “mommy and baby” bloggers are doing a phenomenal job of breaking it down for everyone. We are lucky to be able to work with brands, understanding their needs.

We also got an opportunity to learn and engage with different bloggers and influencers. The best part is I get to be my child’s best friend and understand how his little mind works. I can also understand whether he wants to be an influencer. If yes, I can guide him in the right direction.

I would suggest three things to all the mommy and baby influencers: pre-plan your content; engage with your followers daily through the comments or live sessions or DMs if possible, and be consistent with your content. Also, keep up with the trends to get noticed.

Our day usually starts with him going to preschool twice a day for 2 hours. The rest of the day is spent in Flinto classes. As he is an active child, he needs his park activities at least an hour a day. I always plan his shoots on the weekends. Depending on his schedule, I schedule these shoots. Initially, he wasn’t comfortable shooting, and I never forced him, but as we kept going, he took interest and now chooses the days himself.

I keep in mind that he shouldn’t lose his innocence amid all these things.

My favourite blogger is “BiologicalMom” because she never gets her kid to dress up before shooting. She keeps it raw and natural.

This journey has been a long one, but, I am grateful for all the love Vihaan has received over the span of one year.

I truly hope I have encouraged other mothers and fathers too, who have been wanting to start a blog but have been hesitant and held back.

Don’t think about what people will say. ‘Logon ka kaam hai kehna.’

Just do what makes you happy, everything else follows.

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