Life In The Times Of Corona

The Pandemic Opened New Doors For Me

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Looking back at the year of 2020, it seems all surreal. I remember being stuck in another city miles away from my hometown. I was unprepared both mentally and emotionally.

Pandemic was not the only thing that brought dread and uncertainty in my life. It was also a period of heartbreak, with a relationship breaking under the pressure of long-distance.

As the lockdowns went longer, my journey also took a turn when I discovered the art of Tarot card reading. As an artist and an art historian, Tarot caught my eyes for myriad reasons- ranging from its use as a divination tool to its historical development. So, I decided to start practicing reading the Tarot as a hobby, usually for friends and family. This hobby was a therapeutic practice firstly. It then made me even more conscious about my mental health and how different it can be to handle it, especially during these moments- when we have to deal with something as grave as a pandemic.

And when I contracted covid earlier this year- it was another challenge thrown my way, again beginning from square one and taking different steps each time to manage my mental health with a deteriorated physical health. But this time, I had tools and a better support system than last year.

Practicing Tarot reading has made me more invested in my art and my creative process. Which pushed me to pick up my passion for photography, and I decided to develop my page even further. It helps that every day, I show up for myself with even more acceptance and understanding.

My interests did not stay limited to using it for recreational and therapeutic practices.

I soon decided to write my PG dissertation on the symbolism and semiotics of the Tarot. It helped me gain new insight into the rich historical past of tarot cards.

It mainly covers my study about the origin of cards and how it has developed in the context of visual history. The research helped me gain insight into the card imagery and its development in depth.

This pandemic broke my heart and mind, but it also helped me to learn lessons. These times taught me how to mend the broken, even pushing me to create new things, new perspectives, and new talents!

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