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The Virus Has Prolonged Effects: I Hope You Never Get It

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I had all the symptoms for covid back in April but somehow tested negative in the RT-PCR test and even in Chest CT. I got it from my partner, so I spent enough time blaming him for the same (our usual petty rituals). I then went ahead with informing people I have been in touch with, booking an appointment with doctors, buying medicines, and the usual drill.

My symptoms were fortunately not too severe. I had a fever (went up to 102 degrees and not more than that), cough, chest congestion due to the cold, which was severe once my fever was in control. Also, I was weirdly craving sweets.

I used to keep myself fully hydrated and took proper rest. I ate simple food, mostly carbs, and ate lots of Chocos (not healthy, but my body craved it). I used to check my oxygen levels and temperature every two hours. I used to pass my time by doing the usual like painting, reading books, working out, cooking, and learning Calligraphy. I primarily focused on keeping my cough under control that somehow, I could do in a day or so. However, I had severe chest congestion that made me take two courses of heavy antibiotics. The congestion lasted for more than two weeks - taking its own time to clear away.

Moreover, I was able to get back on my feet quite well. I did not struggle with a lot of fatigue like most people. I joined back work a week later and started working out as well. What has impacted me and I am still struggling with is my digestive system.

This strain of the virus affects your digestive system very badly.

Moreover, all the antibiotics have further wreaked havoc on my guts. So, it's still healing. My friends sent us hot home-cooked food, for which I can’t be more grateful.

There’s no iota of doubt about the fact that the virus is whimsical. It changes your body. It has prolonged effects. So, do whatever you can to NOT get it.

But if you still do get it, rest up, give your body time and be patient with the healing process. And most importantly, be a responsible citizen, stay at home and get your vaccine when the time is right!

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