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How Facebook Changed My Life When I was At My Lowest

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There was a time in my life when things seemed very ruffled. I was five months pregnant with a fourteen months old toddler. I was suffering from anxiety and had a lot of doubts in my head. I was at my lowest low, and that is when I was comforted by some inspiring women I met virtually via a platform on Facebook.

They were a bunch of strangers whom I had never met in person. But they understood me like their own, without any judgments. They made me feel loved by sharing their experiences and affirming that it is okay to feel these emotions in life. That is when I realised the power of social media.

All this also inspired me to create this page- @mommy_musingsss. It is a platform where I speak about my experiences, thoughts, ups and downs in motherhood, and my desires. It is also a safe space where other women and moms can relate to me, probably because my not-so-perfect experiences make them believe that they are not alone!

My page is free of drool-worthy content and sensational images/ videos. What it entails is the story of a relatable mother who works her way through tough times. If you land up here, you are sure to find some easy food recommendations and videos that will make you feel loved and less lonely.

The journey of motherhood can get lonely at times, and so, it is important to reach out to each other and share similar experiences.

It is not so easy to look after two kids, do everyday chores, and manage the page, and it does get daunting at times. But what keeps me going is the sheer love of my blogging friends and audience. This journey of four and a half years has been a way to self-discovery. Also, I have grown as a woman, a mother, a companion, and a friend, and this is something I feel extremely proud of!

@mommy_musingsss is my happy space and will always remain the same, no matter what!

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