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I Finished College And Thought I'd Have A Career. But Life Gave Me Cancer.

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I was just out of college and excited to work. My life was finally beginning, and that's when my health went for a toss. I fell sick– I was bedridden. The doctor said I had a tumor around my ovaries and it had to be removed. 

She asked me, 'Do you want kids?' So Renvin, my boyfriend goes like, 'What will I do with kids if she's not well? Keep them in the cupboard?' I knew it was his lame attempt to make me chuckle, but it worked. 

Right before the surgery, he asked me to flash my biggest smile. The surgery went well and I hoped to go back to normal life, when I got the biggest blow– I had cancer. 

I broke down. At 21, you don't expect to hear that. 

Renvin was abroad for work, so when I called to tell him, he said, 'Rach. Who's the winner?' and like a little kid, I said, 'I am!'  

I felt great again. My chemo began shortly after. My sessions were 5 days straight and the dosage was high. Every part of my body ached, I couldn't eat and was in bed all day. One morning, I brushed my hair and an entire lock befell. It terrified me! 

So I asked my salon aunty to chop it all off. After she did, I felt strong, like I could do anything! That day, when Renvin saw me, he said, 'I'll be back with groceries.' Instead, he returned with a shaved head and told me, 'I'm with you every step of the way!' I was so touched, I hugged him and cried. 

I began recovering– on days when I didn't have chemo, I did an online MBA or chilled with friends. The environment was so positive that if there was ever a low moment, someone was right there to pick me up. Even when I had to undergo a blood transfusion, I wasn’t scared. Everyone kept me progressing. 5 months later, I was declared cancer-free! 

When I told Renvin, he celebrated with his colleagues and shouted, 'Who's the winner Rach?' and I happily said, 'I am!' 

Few months in, I wasn't allowed to go out much. But when Bryan Adams came for his serenade tour, Renvin took me with every precaution. When my favourite song came on, he got down on one knee and asked, 'Will you marry me?' 

My answer was a resounding, ‘YES!’ I don’t even have the words to tell you how I felt. My heart was thumping so fast, but there was no uncertainty– I always knew he’s the one for me, "For better or for bald!”

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