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I Thought We Were In Deep Love Until She Walked Away For This Reason

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Hi! I am sharing my life story, not that good in English and also never wrote a story before. Kindly pardon me if any thing goes wrong.

So not wasting time, I am directly starting my story. I am a shy guy, not so attractive, hesitant to start conversation with any new girl. Though I want to but never can do that. So there is a girl named 'E'. I have known her since 8 years. But we started chatting and talking frequently after 1 year.

I have been in love with her from the beginning and she knows that but we always behaved friendly with each other. The reason of loving her, I was very comfortable with her. After 1 year I came to know about her relationship with another guy. So after that I stopped talking to her that much.

Though we did chat some times, like once or twice in a month. Then suddenly after 2 years she had a break up. Then she continuously chatted with me and told her entire story. I was not so interested to listen to all that but some how I was there just to relieve her stress. It went like this for a year.

Then one fine day she proposed to me. Though I also loved her but was not ready to accept because I knew that she just needed someone to forget her past and she does not love me. But, she convinced me and I also loved her a lot, so our relationship started from there.

In the beginning I got to know from from some where that she is not totally over that guy. Then I confronted her and she promised me that she only loves me and will remain with me forever. Then everything was going good. We had a long distance relationship. She was working in another city and I was working in a different state. But whenever I got time I went to her city and spent some quality time.

We were in deep love. We went to holiday together. We got intimate but never crossed the line. Then I changed my company and came back to my home state but a different city. Now whenever she got time she came to my city and stayed in my room. The travelling distance was only one night journey.

She was mad for me. But like in any other relationship we also fought a lot and then settled the issue. But during this lockdown I came to my home and she went to her home. For whatever reason we had a very nasty fight over the phone. I said some bad words to her and she also replied in same manner but she told me that she will never marry me and this time she was  serious. I could feel that and I was also okay with it. I also said the same.

It went like this for a week. Then she started to settle down. But I was not ready for that. In between my grandfather passed away. Her family at that time started looking for her marriage. But I know that I can't marry now for 1 year, because of the demise of my grandfather. So I acted like I am not interested.

Then in May we both went to our respective work location. Then suddenly, she blocked me one day. I also did the same. Then in June I tried to contact her but her reply was not that good. Then in August I went to her city to meet her but she denied.

Then in October one fine day she called me and said that she was getting married and this is an arranged marriage. Just because I said no to her so she decided to marry someone else.

Was it fair?

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