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I Want To Get Out Of My Abusive Marriage But Apparently I Shouldn't Because Then I Wouldn't Be A 'Fresh Piece'

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Why is divorce still a taboo in india?

I am a 24 year woman who is desperately seeking to get out of a bad relationship I have. It was a love cum arranged marriage. After giving myself entirely to the person, all I got back was an abusive(verbally and physically) relationship, even though I helped the person financially and adjusted to each and everything and never complained of being in a relationship which didn't have stability in any aspect. I ended up in a mess.

Now it's been a year to this marriage and I have seen this selfish person enough, but am not able to come out of this relationship. Each and every relative of mine is questioning why I chose such a person. Now that I have chosen, they say I have to stay with him for society's sake and this is what I have to pay for selecting a guy like him. Honestly, even my parents aren't supporting me in this.

I strongly feel, if at all if am stuck up in this relationship, in the future, when we have kids they will suffer further. Being a South Indian woman I feel so ashamed of people who still ill treat women. Can abusing be a normal sign of marriage?? Because I have been told that it's a common aspect in a relationship and men will have rights to raise hands on women when she argues with him.

It's an era where they speak so much about women empowerment but no where follow it. Worst thing is to stay with a person who doesn't respect or love you for who you are. People even say I won't have a life ahead if I get out of this relationship as I will be tagged as a divorcee and I have to just end up marrying another divorced person and no guy who is unmarried would consider marrying me as I am not a 'fresh piece' according to them.

Seriously, is this the way a woman who had been through hell has to be treated, just because I didn't want to cheat the person I loved and married him giving up all my comfort zone to be treated as his slave and just because I married him should I go through this hell for a life time? I never get the logic.

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