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I Was 17 When I Fell In Love With Him And This Is What I Had To Do For Our Happy-Ever-After

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I was 17 when I met a boy named Sourav on Facebook. My 12th board exams had just ended then and I was living a good life. A life I could only dream of till just a few months ago. We both were from the same city, we were batch mates. However, we didn’t know each other well because we came from different schools.

He was talkative, restless and I was calm, an introvert.

We used to chat the whole day. He became my best friend. Every day we got to know a bit more about each other and magic happened! We started loving each other. In the meanwhile we got admission in the same college in our hometown.

The love birds started to fly. We sat together in class, we shared our tiffin, homework, every small and big thing. We were happy together, the best couple in the college even, till someone stepped into my life.

He was one of my classmates in college. Besides Sourav, he was the only one who was always with me, I didn’t even notice him until then. It was our last year of college, Sourav became a member of the Student’s Union. He was busy and to fulfil that gap, Dip, the handsome college guy, entered my life.

It all started with math problems. I was his guide. From college classes to Facebook chats, we discussed only studies. Due to excessive amount of union’s work, Sourav and I were drifting apart. On one beautiful night, Dip and I started chatting. And it was strange. He confessed that he loved me since day one of college. I was stupid, I couldn't ignore his unconditional love for me and Sourav's ignorance made me fall for Dip.

We started dating each other while hiding it from the whole world. But I felt sorry for Sourav.

One day I told Sourav the truth but he couldn't bear the pain and the thought of losing me made him sick. I really wanted to be with Dip but I was so shattered after seeing Sourav in that state that I was unable to think of anything except his illness.

Somehow I ended up patching up with Sourav. Thankfully, he accepted me with all his love. But I couldn’t forget Dip, so I blocked all contact with him and started to take care of the little boy who loved me with all his heart.

Now Sourav and I became the best couple again, we're focusing on our careers and planning to get married in 2-3 years. Sometimes I do miss Dip, but it’s different.

I don’t want to be with him, but I want to see him happy. Now we talk over the phone and Facebook chats, but we’re friends, may be more than friends but less than lovers.

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