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What Decriminalisation Of Article 377 In 2018 Meant To Me And To Many 'Outcasts' Out There

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*For representational purpose only.
I wonder who decided to avow the colour red as the colour of love! I suppose that’s where we started going astray on our path to inclusivity. Well, as rebellious as it sounds, here’s my love story in pink, purple and blue.

Back in 2012, I first fell in love- with a girl. Sadly, I come from an all-girls convent school with a potential disliking for men but greater loathing for lesbians. I never confessed to anyone, and how could I? It was hell back then, or at least I thought so.

That’s when I started writing for the first time. I used to sit for hours scribbling in my diary about a love that was unacceptable and NOT red at all. I could not keep it a secret anymore, and that is when I decided to talk about it all to a girl in class.

I gave her my diary to read. That was the stupidest thing I have ever done. The next thing I know - my entire class knows everything about me. 

My diary was all over the place. I was ‘officially’ a lesbian, or what they called me - an OUTCAST. Soon, I had no friends in class and was subjected to bullying now and then. Girls in my class used to tell me on my face to maintain a one-arm distance lest I should spread my ‘disease’ to them! I didn’t stop scribbling over pages that never felt so revealing before.

I wanted to burn my diaries for patient pages felt like traitors. All of a sudden. 

Thank God for I didn’t. After the decriminalisation of article 377 in 2018, I could come out as a proud BISEXUAL. I finally feared no potential bullies. I was in love with another girl in college. She turned out to be straight, and that’s not the point. She is a good friend even now. She scolded me for not telling her before (she just wanted to feel important).

Reciprocation of love is never a problem but knowing that your love is a source of mockery is. Knowing that I can pursue my love for pink, purple and blue is a huge comfort in itself today. Go Pride!

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