Here's Why I Admire My Flawed Yet Perfect Mum

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My mother conceived me when she was 40 years old.
She refers to me as a stubborn, obstinate young lady because I was born against all odds. This isn't, however, my tale! It's an ode to my mum, who has always been optimistic and generous to everyone. She never had a quiet, relaxing lifestyle; she had to work extremely hard to accomplish her goals.
She may appear to be just another lady at first glance, but the more you get to know her, the more you'll realise how her simplicity and love make her a wonder woman.
Sure, she hasn't accomplished anything noteworthy. She doesn't have a lot of ornaments or even fancy clothing, to be sure. Sure, she doesn't have anything extravagant or opulent. There isn't anything about her that is magnificent and fancy. But it is her wonderful ear-to-ear smile and empathetic heart that distinguishes her as a wonder woman. Her lovely nature makes everyone feel calm and loved, and she will embrace everyone as if they were her own.
She doesn't have much on her person, but she will give it all.
It doesn't matter if you're a child, an older person, a servant, a multimillionaire CEO, or just nobody; if you ask for wisdom, she'll give it to you; if you ask for love, she'll give it to you; if you ask for nothing, she'll still give you something. I've known her for 17 years and have never seen anyone go hungry — whether it's food or affection, she'll leave you satisfied. Yes, she doesn't have a perfect background, life, or personality; she has flaws and can be grumpy and unreasonable at times. She tends to be silly and inflexible. But who among us is perfect? She certainly isn't! She is both my mother and my daughter! I've seen her up close and personal, and I don't believe anyone knows her better than I do!

I'm proud of my flawed yet perfect mother, and if I had to write her a note, it would be: I love you, Shona. I know I'm not the perfect daughter, and I can be obstinate and difficult at times, but I'm your daughter. Also, I'm still envious of people that share your affection.

Stop caring like you're a 'universal Mumma.' You're just my Mumma, after all.

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