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How A Street Dog Changed My Life Forever

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How often do you get to say, "I couldn't have imagined my life turning out this way!" I find myself saying this quite often.

A few years ago, I was a person who was extremely terrified of animals, a hardcore non-vegetarian, and in search of something that truly resonates with me.

Things changed for me when a street dog came into my life. He was often called a menace by people. Some people beat him up for simply entering a residential society. Somehow the will to save him overrode my fear, and I held onto him. That dog is now the most pampered child in my family.

Today, I don't just exist, but live too. Animals are my best friends; they are my family and not food. I look after hundreds of stray animals across Delhi, treat their gruesome and painful wounds, get them medical help and make sure they aren't sleeping hungry.

My hands had blood before when I used to eat some of these lovely beings.

My hands still have blood, but this time it's an attempt to reduce the suffering rather than causing it.

I have friends who belong to different species- dogs, cats, squirrels, peacocks, cows, goats, rabbits, birds, etc. The best part about working with and for the animals is that it's a constant reminder of being alive, and feeling things.

I feel a harrowing sense of loss while holding tiny dead bodies of crushed puppies and cry in joy when any adoption is successful. I have also felt my heart pound fast each time I carry a dog in my arms on my way to the vet. I dream of owning a sanctuary that can be a haven for rescued animals. I feel blessed to have had the honor to feel the love of an animal.

There is nothing more loving and soulful than this in the whole world. It would be wrong to assume that I rescue these munchkins. It's always they who are rescuing me in some way or the other.

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