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How I Use Yoga As A Tool Every Single Day Of My Life

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My day is incomplete if I do not step onto my yoga mat. Tormented by billions of thoughts and emotions, I use yoga as a tool to heal the subtlest part of my body, mind, and soul.

Many of us tremble on our way to peace and perfection on our journey, and I was no different.

I have been on and off on my path too. I have been practising yoga and meditation for seven years, and I have always aspired to grow further in this field.

To live up to societal standards of a stable career, I took up highly paid jobs but could not find mental and emotional peace. I knew I would not be any good to others if I do not feel happy and content with what I am doing. I have always been a believer in sharing my learnings and helping people in their journeys.

On some days, I feel it might take me decades to find what I truly want but, one strong realisation is all it takes to choose what serves me the best. I find myself fortunate enough to have found my purpose.

People would tell me to act mature and stop being naive several times on my journey. I have spent nights crying for not being that one perfect person and lamented about having imperfections.

Today, I have finally realized that true perfection lies in accepting my flaws and moving ahead in life with keeping the right intention behind every action.

This year, I will be completing my Yoga teacher training from the Art of Living and become a certified Yoga trainer. It will be the first step towards achieving what I have always dreamed of and, I can no longer wait to share my profound experiences through various platforms.

It is the best feeling to have people resonate with my affirmations and techniques of yoga practice. Therefore, I always start my day by putting in small efforts to add value to my life and others.

Lastly, if we look at it closely, heaven and hell are both a creation of our mind, so the question is, are we strong enough to turn on our switch button?

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