I Am A Proud Dad To An Awesome Daughter

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My adventure began with the birth of my first child, a daughter.
I used to enjoy taking her pictures, and one day I wondered why I don't share my darling baby's photos on social media with everyone. So that's how I got started as a father blogger. I primarily focus on fatherhood, father-daughter bonding, spending quality time with my daughter, recording her childhood memories, experiences, and lessons experienced as a father, and so on. And thankfully, our content is well-received.

In addition to blogging, I own a small café in Porbandar (Gujarat), where I serve "Ice Golas," or ice popsicles, ice cream, waffles, shakes, and coffee. People on social media know me as a Dad Blogger, which is one of my accomplishments, and I'm proud of it.

My goal in blogging was not to acquire fame or gain followers; instead, I hoped to meet new bloggers, share parenting insights while also learning from others, and share precious moments of parenthood with others.

Throughout this journey, I've learned a lot of things, including how to assist in equal parenting, blogging, my daughter's little habits and mischiefs, how to be a better father, how to spend quality time with her, and a little bit of photography, as well as how to portray some things on social media.

I'm glad I started this journey since it's going so well. I'm glad for the love we get on social media and so much more, but I'm most grateful for my daughter and her selfless love.
And I pray that God continues to bless me with more great moments with her.

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