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I Left My Family Business To Become A Musician And It Was More Than Worth It

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My name is Udit Sehgal, and this is my story.

It has been quoted by Nelson Mandela that,

"There is no passion to be found playing small in - settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."

I firmly believe in the quote and the fact that dreams do come true when you have strong intention.

I was born and brought up in a family hailing from a business background. I started to take western music lessons at the age of 12. Initially, I never thought of pursuing it as a career until I tried to take upon my father’s business. After joining my father in our family business, I soon realized that it was not something I was meant for, and I would never want to become a mediocre businessman in my life. I would never want to chase something that was not meant for me.

So I instead chose to walk on the road not taken, going against the mob mentality, doing my thing, and making my mark as a musician.

In this journey, initially, I didn’t have the support of my family or friends. Instead, my friends would make me listen to other artists and ask me if I would ever be able to sing like them. I was firm with what I wanted to do and believed in myself when nobody did. I just knew that I was meant to do this and only this, for that matter.

Struggles in life make you strive harder and then achieve everything you have ever dreamt of, but the path and phase of your struggle seem worth it after you achieve your goals. In times like these, where people compete to be the best version of themselves, less is the need to mention how important it is for them to follow their passion.

There is nothing worse than the time you wake up every morning to go to a workplace you don't like, doing something that doesn't excite you, something that doesn't help you bring the best out of you, ultimately forcing you to lead a mediocre life.

However, if you choose to follow your passion and decide to be what you want to be, you tend to live a happier and more satisfying life. You enjoy every bit of it. You reside in greater peace of mind and feel uplifted. There will be times when you'll feel hindered and demotivated, but that is just a phase until you achieve your goals. Everything just seems right and constructive at the end.

On today's date, my family is proud of me. They are happy with what I have achieved and the things that I do in life. Now, nobody tells me if I can sing or match the standards of another artist, and if you’re the one who gets told the same thing, then my friend, you already know what to do. People learn with their experiences, with the risks they take in life, their choices.

I don’t think I would be half as good a businessman as good as I am a musician. I am proud of the choices I made at the right time in my life. Finally, I have landed here from dropping out of my dad’s business to become a successful musician. This is all I needed in this lifetime. 

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