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I'm 50 And On My Way To Finding Financial Freedom Finally

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It is really never too late in life. I always tell myself that.

I got married at 21 and had my first child at 22. My younger daughter is 23 now. I have always lived my life very successfully through others – my parents, siblings, partner, my in-laws, and then my children.

I have always been financially dependent on the men around me, but I always instilled the importance of ambition in my daughters.

I would tell them how important financial freedom is for a woman. It gives them the space to be holistically free – in spirit and soul.

Financial freedom is the first step. I know it because I don’t have it.

I tried sometimes and even got teaching jobs but could never continue because of other responsibilities that clouded my vision. But when my daughters grew up, they started telling me how it is never too late. How one can still take the first leap towards freedom after 50.

My daughters started reminding me of my own lessons – the cycle of life is funny. It was them who collectively helped me start my food blog on Instagram.

When I was young, I wanted to become an air hostess – flying and traveling give me immense happiness. But here at home and in the monotony, I could travel through cooking and food.

Making Hyderabadi biryani one day and Shakshuka the next- is a global passport that I have. It is true that I cannot be an air hostess anymore, I am too old for that. But with food, I can at least travel the world. Despite several other occupancies, I still take time and update my blog. What keeps me going, one may ask?

Today I made Biryani and my daughter, who has traveled extensively herself, told me that this was the best biryani she has ever tasted in the world. It made my day.

It is for these little pleasures and more that I cook. I started cooking enthusiastically for my daughters but they told me that this food should reach others as well.

Thus, with this idea, I share recipes of my homemade food so that young adults like my daughters can cook it themselves and taste homemade food, no matter how far from home they are. Because even travelers need to go home sometimes!

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