Motherhood Has Changed Me For The Better

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I never imagined myself as a digital content creator. It's a lockdown gift. I followed a few mom bloggers during the lockdown and thought that I, too, could express my experiences as a mother. And thus began my journey of sharing my experiences as a mother. Then, when I started making humorous videos and reels, I was immediately noticed on social media! I'm proud of myself now when people say they can relate to my videos.

When others find you relatable, it's a wonderful sense. A strong bond with them inspires me to create more videos like this.
Motherhood has changed me for the better. I had never pondered before reacting to anything in my life, but parenting changed that.
I now consider and respond to my child's tantrums when I want her to behave appropriately. I consider various approaches to dealing with her more effectively. I don't believe any other profession in the world is as exhausting as being a mother. However, the innocent child love you receive makes it all worthwhile.

Thankfully, both of my pregnancies went smoothly. I had pleasant bumpy moments. I believe that because I had mentally prepared myself for the pregnancy. I read articles, watched pregnancy videos, and prepared myself for what was to come. It was just me and the bump throughout the first pregnancy. However, I had a child to care for during my second pregnancy. We'd discuss the forthcoming baby. I prepared her for her sibling during those times, and she entertained me. I will always treasure those precious, joyful memories.

A C-section was necessary for me. I had never heard of it before, but now I believe I comprehend how painful it is. Due to complications, the majority of women undergo C-sections. Many people believe it is an easy way out, but believe me when I say it isn't. It's a major operation. I needed to prepare for the incisions and stitches mentally. The first steps toward surgery seemed to be a thousand miles away. Every delivery technique has its own set of challenges.

Giving birth was never supposed to be painless. Only your faith in yourself, strength, and confidence can aid your recovery.
But all of the discomforts are rewarded because holding the baby in your arms is the most beautiful feeling in the world. That is the best memory I have as a mother
seeing the doctor take my baby out, seeing my child for the first time, and having tears roll down both of our eyes. Any other emotion will never surpass it.
When you have two children, you never know how your day will turn out. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, allowing me to manage my time better and shoot content. Planning also fails when both children require your attention at the same time. You must put everything else aside and focus on your children first to get peace of mind later.
My sole takeaway from my experience is that you should always ask about a new mother's health.
Check whether she is doing well, if she requires assistance, or if she wants to rest. Get her a healthy snack, if possible. Enquire if she needs you to hold her newborn for a while. I see you, mommies, struggling to keep your kid comfy. While you have dark circles from lack of sleep, you will hold your infant and let it sleep peacefully.
Every day, I watch you working hard to raise your child. I see you grinning at your happy child. You'd be aware of your previously undisclosed abilities and incredibly proud of yourself! Just stay the course.

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