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My Girlfriend Left Me For A Rich Guy In Canada Who She Doesn't Even Know

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Hello everyone, This story will be a bit long since it covers a very important phase of my life. And something I learnt about today's reality.

If a girl plays with your feelings, it's all fine but if a guy does the same, it's a crime.

It all started 3.5 years back in 2018. I met a girl during my MBA days in Bangalore. She was from Delhi. With time, she became my best friend. She was my go-to person whenever I was happy, sad or if there was anything I had to share. At times, she would become a cupid and help me with the girl I had a crush on. We were the best of friends. She knew all about me. We used to spend time together, and most of the time we used to stay together over night as well. But all we had was just a pure bond of friendship. And then came a night we kissed.

We liked it and everything happened simaltaneously. After a week she said that she liked me. I was afraid. I never wanted to be in a relationship with her. And the reason was her parents. She used to tell me that her parents cared only about money and they will find a guy for her who will be very rich and she won't go against her parents' wishes ever. I belong to a very simple family. And I knew being in a relationship meant, I will be serious and eventually she will leave me someday. But she begged and cried like anything, saying that she won't leave me and will be with me always. Seeing her cry I agreed and fell for her badly, eventually.

Now came the second phase when our college got over and before internship, we all went home. After going to her home she started behaving weirdly and said she wanted to break up. But for me it wasn't that easy. I told her if she loved me, we will together speak with her parents and manage everything. She agreed, came back to Bangalore and we patched up.

Then COVID happened and again, she went back home and then again the same thing. Her confusion and weird behaviour. She used to make me feel so bad. Whenever I wanted to call her, she said, "Why do you feel like talking always?" Like this, 6 months passed and I decided to stay away because it was giving me pain only and nothing else. Soon, her office called her back to Bangalore and now she was all alone because I was in my hometown.

So she started calling me, and even came to Kolkata to meet me. I felt so happy, I made her meet my childhood friends, my mom and all my close people. It was the best time of my life and she said that she could not stay without me and will definitely convince her parents. My family's background isn't anything I can boast about but I am a hard-working and well educated person and I promised to become better and better every single day.

Now finally, she is back at her place and all of a sudden, has broken up with me saying that she told her parents and they will never accept me. I was sad, heart broken but I still had hope. I wanted to speak with her parents. I work in one of the best investment banks of the world now and earn around a lakh per month. I thought atleast I have a base for myself now. I told her. Her reaction gave me a different shock all together.

She said " I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE, jab pyaar tha so tha ab aur kuch nahi hai". She likes someone else now. A guy her parents found for her. He is settled in Canada and earns around a crore per annum in Indian currency. All I was for her was a time pass.

The moment she got a rich guy, I  became a joke for her. She did tell me that before me, she had 3 boyfriends and that time she was small so she couldn't be serious about them and after sometime, she'd break up with them. I didn't judge her. I told her not to do the same with me because I loved her a lot. She said I was different and special to her. But no, I was just the same.

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