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My name is Jay Chavda, and this is the tale of my twins. Swar and Swara are now 2 and a half years old.
They are the sweetest thing that has ever happened to me. I wanted to keep a journal of their photos and memories, so I started blogging when my wife was 7 months pregnant. I began by taking monthly milestone images, which received a lot of positive feedback, and the account quickly grew. We started blogging daily, and brands such as Pampers, FirstCry, Bookster Kids, and a few local firms began approaching us for collaboration.

We believed it would be easier to shoot them as they grew older, but we were proven wrong! Kids are moody, so they won't cooperate when you plan and set up a session, but they will give beautiful poses at unpredictable times! So we're simply going with the flow now. We opted not to take on too many collaborations at once because the core of the profile isn't about collaborations in the first place. There must be a delicate mix of cuteness, information, and collaboration. However, we don't post regularly because I'm busy with my business, and my wife is occupied with the twins.

I believe that if you focus on making anything and following or establishing a trend, you will run out of ideas; however, if you just catch moments as they happen, kids will always provide you with content.
The video of my baby boy feeding a squirrel with his hands, which was shot on the spur of the moment, was our most popular clip. As I previously stated, we do not force ourselves to create something based on ideas regularly; instead, we go with the flow.
My family is supportive, and they are pleased and delighted to see how much love my children are receiving.
Of course, as they get older, the content will change, but we'll keep posting about them. My twins have their baby fights, yet they can't be separated from one another. And I think it's adorable. The most important thing to me is to be unique; you don't have to do what everyone else does. The most crucial thing we are currently unable to do is to be consistent. But we don't consider that or whether people judge us for making videos or anything else.
For our memories, we take images and create videos. Not for the sake of being judged or gaining a following, likes, or collaborations.
We used to watch the reels and images of many kids when my wife was pregnant, and it made us thrilled about how fantastic it would be when we could click our kids and do all of this with them. I believe our images and videos would make other parents happy as well.
We are content with the audience's love and blessings.

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