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A Poem To Tell You That There Is Always Hope And Sunshine

( words)
*For representational purpose only.

One night, lying under the star-lit sky, you’ll re-think your whole life
You’ll wish to give life another chance, with your eyes closed and make a dive
No trivial thing in this world would matter anymore
And you will realise there was always an open door
A door to happiness,
A way out of misery,
To make the most out of your numbered days,
And to your grave, have a casket full of memories to carry.

I know you’re struggling, but there will be an end to this pain
A rainbow, after it ceases to rain
The sun will rise after a line is drawn to the night,
And one day, you, too, will win this fight.
And you will win this fight
For life does wonders at the most unexpected of times, and in the black of night, you will see a wishing star

Not succumbing to your own demons in this fight, you will wish to travel far.
Your mind conjures spells to take you to your past
For you to reopen your life’s book covered in dust

But this time,
Don’t turn over the unrewarding old pages of the book
Rather start on a new page for, a lifetime to be happy is all it took.

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