Life In The Times Of Corona pandemic confessions of a doctor lockdown

As We Face A Second Wave, This Is What A Doctor Wants To Say

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With more than 700 doctors dying in India due to COVID, I’m surprised that there were no social media posts, media reports, outburst against the government, etc. ? I also did not receive any phone calls from any of my so called 'friends' to express their genuine concern for the front line warriors, except when someone needed a free prescription, or inquire for Remdesivir or Plasma.

Being on the front line since the last many months (and now looking at a dangerous second wave), seeing this Pandemic evolve right before our eyes, losing patients & loved ones does make us all sad, at times cry looking at the helplessness and a bleak, unpredictable future. No matter how hard we try to not show our feelings, one thing I have realized is that “Tears are the safety valves of the Heart when too much pressure is laid on it.” Through the following lines, I have tried to express the feelings of most Healthcare Workers (HCWs)– my brave brothers and sisters fighting this war and standing up to a battle which we seem to be losing with no respite in sight:

When sorrow lies within, lights chosen to be kept dim, in one corner of your home, you want to be left alone.

When the heart simply cries, the smile and cheerfulness dies, with emotions running high, you just want to know -Why?

Why should they not remember our name, Why should they hold us responsible for the blame, Why should they never know the efforts or the tears that were cried, Why should they not acknowledge the battle for which HCWs died.

Then do let those tears unite, and fall down the height, as self belief you gain, they will take away the pain.

If not expressed, no one my friend, would know, the pain.... that we never show.

Remember, by us, your courage was always admired, we stand by you, every soul you inspired.

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