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I Cheated On My Wife For Her And Karma Played The Game Right Back With Me

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*For representational purpose only.

I was married for four years, and I have a three-year-old daughter. We had too much of a gap in the marriage because of difference in education, nature and a lot of family issues. So it wasn't a good going arranged marriage from my perspective, the only thing that was making me stay was the responsibilities of my parents, wife and daughter. Even with that kind of a heavy life, I was just trying to survive. I was still alive, not like dead now. A woman came into my life, she is just a year older than me. We got in touch and soon fell in love, and that love started with no demands and no expectations. With each passing day, it became more and more intense. We got closer and our relationship became more than soul mates or life partners.

As our relationship grew, I distanced myself from the mother of my own child.

I had faith and trust in her, and I was about to leave the whole world for her. It has now been too many outings and a lot of time that we spent together. I was mad about the way she looked at me, cared for and loved me. I was finally happy in my life, someone is there whose heart beats for me. It brought more complications at home. Still, I was happy that she is with me. I used to tell her each and everything. But I didn't know that she was cheating on me behind my back. My trust got broken when I found out that she was just playing with my feelings and every word told to me was just a lie. Today I am standing horribly low in front of my parents, wife and society.

I don't have any clue how I will ever bring myself to trust anyone again because even if I wasn't in love with my wife, I respected her rights.

I never backstabbed anyone, no matter what. I had the guts to stand on truth no matter what. But what I got in the end, to see her moving out with someone right in front of my eyes, is unexplainable. Thousand of promises and thousands of words and in the end, I just ended up in the arms of lies, broken truths, hidden things and a total disgust for life. If I had done this with her, after using her for six months, would she have had the heart to digest it? I am sorry for her new lover too because she can never be truthful and genuine to anyone. She wasn't able to talk to me for even one night after meeting that guy. And me, like a fool, I never looked back to fix my marriage. I left my own wife crying for nights just to be with her. I have more shame in me because I was ready to die for that person who knows nothing about love, emotions and feelings. But it is all my karma that hit me.

I have nothing today, I was honest always.

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