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I Met A Young, Dark And Handsome Guy On My Flight, And I Fantasized About Him The Whole Time

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*For representational purpose only.

I boarded on a flight but wasn’t much excited though. I was fed up with life and struggle, and the past few days were awful for me.

I tried to smile and my son hugged and kissed me when he came to see me off at the airport.

I asked for a window seat so that no one could disturb me and I can have my privacy. Once I settle down comfortably in my seat, I only hope my side passengers aren’t disturbing. I don’t want anybody who farts or snores heavily.

I was thankful when a young guy came to sit beside me. He was an average looking guy and was nicely dressed.

He looked a Mallu, obviously, a majority of the Kerala flights are full of Mallus. Before he sat down, he was speaking on call so fast and that too in Malayalam that I was amazed at his speed.

Although I couldn’t follow the whole thing he said, it was clear that he was mad at someone.

He hanged up and sat beside me. I looked at him and said, “You speak so fast.” He didn’t hear me the first time and so I repeated again. He smiled at me and that’s how our conversation started. We talked about many things – professional and general topics both.

Gradually our conversation started to get interesting and I found him smart and intelligent.

His eyes spoke a million words but the most attractive thing was his skin colour – what a sexy dusky tone!

He had that class which most Mallu lack. He wasn’t the tall types which I like but there was something about him which attracted me. I felt that he was equally interested in me; surely it always goes two ways.

Within no time we became friends like we had known each other since long and exchanged our numbers. We cracked jokes, teased each other and smiled throughout.

We talked for almost 3 hours non-stop and had our lunch in between.

We were so close that I could smell his mouth and then I realised I should use mouth freshener. I had few and offered him as well. In no time, we completed our three and half hours flight journey and reached Cochin Airport from Delhi.

It was one of the most amazing flights I have ever had because of the guy.

He collected my baggage from the deck and offered me a lift back home. I said no but he insisted, so I agreed. I wasn’t too sure but I had a gut feeling that he was a nice guy. We came out from the airport and he told me to wait outside while he went to bring his car.

He stopped the car in front of me and I checked in. He was driving slowly watching every move of mine. He complimented me saying that I had beautiful eyes. And I reverted back by complimenting on his eyes, nose, colour and everything about him.

Now we were flirting more than a friend and I was thoroughly loving the moment; floating in my own fantasy world.

Suddenly I received a call from my mother and I told her that I took a pre-paid taxi and will be reaching in few minutes. After ending the call, I switched off my cell as I didn’t want to get disturbed in my fantasy land. He was still driving slowly and asked me if I would mind taking a 5 minutes stop at his house. I said ok, as I had the feeling that nothing wrong was going to happen. Maybe because he was tiny and I was huge. Physically if he was like Hulk, I would have never gone with him in the first place.

I knew no one was at his place so it was safer.

We entered his house and trust me, it was one of the worst house I had ever seen in my life. I was kind of shocked that such a handsome guy living in such a filthy place.

I sat next to a table and didn’t show my dislike as I didn’t want to disrespect him. He showed me his bedroom, kitchen but I was least bothered. I only wanted to come out of that place.

I found him little confused and nervous. He took my bag and said let’s go. We drove towards my mom’s house and I was so thrilled by now that I started finding him sexy. He took a wrong turn but managed to come back to the right path. In between the turns, he asked me if he could stop the car for few minutes and I readily said yes.

I knew he was trying to find some excuse and I could guess his intentions but chose not to react.

I found him cuter now knowing all his desires and confusion. I kissed on his cheeks and held his hand while he was driving. We were almost reaching my destination when suddenly he came close to me. I knew what he wanted so I kissed him on his lips. Within seconds, we reached into my apartment and my dad was standing in front of the gate. He ignored him and drove past the entrance.

He took out my baggage and said goodbye without knowing if we would ever meet again.

But inside we knew we would because we had each other’s number.

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