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It Has Been Thirty Five Years Since My Wife Cheated On Me But She Still Makes It Hurt

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This happened about 35 years back. I was 33 then, a highly placed officer in a firm with a handsome salary, spacious bungalow with garden, two servants and a chauffeur driven car. I was married for 8 years and living with my wife and two cute, smart kids. All the ladies of the colony met daily at the park in the evening and had a good time. Everything was nice and smooth till he (let us call him ‘X’) entered the scene. Before we proceed, a small introduction: I was an intelligent, handsome, introverted, reserved and a workaholic man; while my wife was extroverted, outspoken, over sensitive, over reactive, and impulsive type.

I never spoke two words if one was sufficient and my wife never stopped at 999 words if she could speak 1000 words.

X joined services and was newly appointed under me. I helped him to allocate the house next to mine and treated him as my younger brother. He was allowed to come to my house any time. After about one year, I felt that my wife continuously talked about him, she even knew what clothes he had purchased.

I also got a whisper from my office that every evening X went to my house and spent time with my wife, as I habitually worked up to 8 pm in my office. I was not suspicious.

But one day my wife said that X has purchased a new TV and she wanted the same TV in our home. I simply asked how do you know. She said Ankur our son was at X’s house and he was telling her. I asked Ankur regarding make of the TV X had purchased. But he said he doesn’t know if X had purchased a new TV. I then directly confronted with my wife and she confessed that in the noon hours she used to visit X’s house regularly, that she loves him and they were having a full-fledged affair. Then I asked her if she wants to marry X and if so then I am ready to give divorce.

She said she can’t stop loving X and she doesn’t want to leave the social and financial security of my house.

As I was a middle class, small-town man who was afraid of losing his honour and was a coward enough to not take any bold step, I surrendered. But everybody in my firm knew about this affair and I am, even after 35 years, laughing stock for my colleagues.

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