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No Matter What I Did With My Boss, I Deserve A Second Chance With My Husband

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I cheated on my husband and he has filed for divorce. I am happily married for 5 years. We both are professionals, working in MNCs and aged around 30. I have to be out of India on business projects every 6 months, away from my husband. We would talk on Skype daily. We were even sexting. During the last 6 months, my husband met me twice at my project work location.

And whenever I wanted to go out or explore a new place, my boss gave me the company. He is just a few years older than me.

Although we flirted a lot, we never crossed the line. On a recent Friday night, we went to a nightclub, where we had drinks and in the heat of moment, we kissed each other. But we both realized it was wrong. So we left that place and came back to our hotel. Next day morning, I went to my boss’s room to apologize and he had just come out of the shower. He said don’t apologize, then we had passionate sex multiple times.

Sunday again, we were having sex in my room, then there I saw an old memento which included a few pics of my husband and me, and a lovely card from him. I asked my boss to stop. I started crying and felt guilty.

Finally, our work was completed on the project site. We arrived in India. My husband came to pick me up me at the airport, the moment I saw him I started crying. My husband thought that maybe I was emotional to see him. When we reached our home, I confessed everything to my husband.

Next day, my husband had a word with me and told me, “your actions indicate that our love and companionship is not enough and strong”.

Then he left me. He is staying in a rented flat near his workplace. He has blocked me everywhere. Three weeks later, I got the divorce paper. I just want to talk and speak to my husband once, maybe my actions were wrong, but I love him more than anyone. How come my husband can leave a marriage of more than 5 years due to those unfortunate actions? I feel I deserve a second chance.

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