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What Do You Do When Your Trust Gets Broken By The Very People Who Were Supposed To Protect It?

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My story starts when I was in the 4th year of B tech. I fell in love with my friend. Before that, I was a girl who never wanted to be in a relationship but it happened. In the beginning only, we had lots of problems.

He used to restrict me a lot. Because of him I had to leave all my male friends. In fact he didn't allow me to wear clothes of my choice. Still, I was following him although I was aware of the fact that whatever I am doing is not correct. I left everything for him because I loved him a lot without any expectations. I just wanted him to be mine only.

He used to have lots girl friends and when I stopped him, he never agreed with me. Still, I was okay with it. I used to share all my feelings with my best friend. She was very good. She used to calm me and sometimes fought with my bf for me.

Once, I became very angry with my bf and didn't talk with him for 22 days. He never called me in those days and again I called him and made things work.

Finally, time came when our parents agreed for our marriage. I was on cloud nine. I was very happy. After some months, I went to meet my bf. I was using his phone and suddenly I opened my best friend's chat box on his phone. Those chats shattered my world. Those chats were erotic!

I lost everything. My best friend and my bf both were cheating on me. My bf said sorry for that and cried a lot and asked me to forgive him. I have forgiven him but I couldn't forget those things and I think I can never forget. I am not able to trust him again.

What do I do?

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